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Mapleton Public Schools partners with DriveSafe Driving Schools to offer an online driver's education course!


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Colorado state law requires that all 14 1/2 to 15 1/2 year-olds take a 30-hour driver's education course and pass a permit test to get their driver's permit. Mapleton partnered with DriveSafe Driving School to offer students an online, self-paced driver's education course.



Students may register for the DriveSafe State-certified online program for $74. DriveSafe will donate a portion of each registration fee back to the district to be used for student events and activities.

Click here to enroll in the DriveSafe online program

The DriveSafe Driving School course is 100 percent online, self-paced and may be viewed from any device, anytime. The 30-hour course is designed to be equivalent to in-person classroom experience, features easy to follow lessons and is fully interactive with animations, games, and videos. 

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