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Information for Freshmen

Announcements for Global Leadership Academy Freshmen

Individual Career and Academic Plans (ICAP) 

Mapleton students will begin building an individual career and academic plan that prepares them for post-secondary and workforce success. The ICAP is designed to assist students and families in exploring post-secondary career and educational opportunities, to develop academic goals to align with career and educational plans, while also helping students understand how volunteering in the community can assist in post-secondary preparation and opportunities for entering the workforce.

Tools students are encouraged to utilize when exploring career interests for ICAP projects are: 

My Colorado Journey - My Colorado Journey
Occupational Outlook Handbook -
O*NET Interest Profiler - O*NET Interest Profiler

My Colorado Journey, the Occupation Outlook Handbook, and the O*NET Interest Profiler offer details about:

  • career interests 
  • specific details about a career
  • what the typical work environment is like
  • how students can have a career in this field
  • what people who work in this chosen career earn
  • and how many jobs are expected in this career field in the future

Service Learning/Volunteer Hours and Graduation

All students who graduate from Mapleton Public Schools are required to complete 40 hours of volunteer service.  The purpose of these volunteer hours is to ensure that Mapleton Students contribute to their community in a meaningful way through experiences that 

  • Develop empathy and foster a sense of citizenship
  • Help students gain a sense of pride and ownership of their community
  • Give students the opportunity to give back to the community they are part of 

It is recommended that students complete these volunteer hours before their senior year of high school. 

For students who have completed service-learning/volunteer hours, please complete this survey Service-Learning Survey

PSAT Testing and Practice 

All 9th graders will have the opportunity to take the PSAT9 test in April each year. Students can click on this link PSAT Practice to connect with College Board to access two PSAT practice tests.