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Physical & Health Education

Energize Your Life with Physical and Health Education!

Get ready to jump into action with Global Leadership Academy’s Physical Education and Health Education classes! Our programs are all about moving, learning, and having fun while staying healthy.

In PE, you’ll play sports, learn teamwork, and build strength with activities that get your heart pumping. Health Education teaches you how to make smart choices for a healthy lifestyle, from eating right to staying active.

Together, these classes help you feel great, think positively, and live a balanced life. 

What do students learn in your classes?
"Students learn structure, responsibility and accountability. They learn about the components of fitness, how each of them affect the body and how to train them. They learn the science of muscle, how it moves and how it translates to weight lifting and exercise. They take physical tests to monitor their growth and reinforce the idea of the change through training."
Classes in this area include:
  • Physical Education
  • Health Education
  • Weight Training