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Unleash Your Creativity in our Visual Arts Classes!

At GLA, our art classes are not just about creating; they’re about expressing your unique identity and perspective. Here, students come together to explore their cultural heritage, personal interests, and innovative ideas through a variety of mediums.

Whether you’re sketching, sculpting, or experimenting with other mediums, your lessons will foster critical thinking and artistic expression. You will also engage in thought-provoking discussions, reflect on your artistic journey, and document your process in a supportive environment that values every voice. Additionally, you'll have the opportunity for your artwork to be displayed around the school and possibly even at the Mapleton District Art Show held each April.

Art at GLA will transform your creative sparks into a vivid tapestry of artwork that resonates with your individuality and the collective spirit of our school and community.

"In my class you'll use your critical thinking and problem-solving skills to create artworks that you can be proud of."

Art classes at GLA include:

  • Drawing

  • Painting

  • Art Portfolio