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Welcome to Global Leadership Academy!

At Global Leadership Academy we nurture the leaders of tomorrow with our commitment to academic excellence and global-mindedness. We have a vibrant school culture rooted in relationships and connection. Under the guidance of our experienced staff, many of whom are bilingual, students receive individualized support during the day and have opportunities for learning and connections beyond the bell. 

Students with their science fair project
Science Fair Winners!

GLA students John B. and Faith C. won 2nd place at the Mapleton District Science Fair for their Chemistry research on The Decomposition of Hydrogen Peroxide. Their "experiment demonstrated that catalysts lower the activation energy required for the decomposition of hydrogen peroxide", and that "the rate of reaction was found to be dependent on the nature and amount of the catalyst used".

Student Astrid C. also completed a notable project Exploring the Ammonia Quantity in the Dynamics of Fountain Effects.

Students climbing a rock wall
What I love about GLA


"The amazing kids and the amount of Spanish speakers."


~Ariel Zach

Game night at GLA
What I love about GLA


"I love working at GLA because we have the best staff and the best students, hands down. Everyone who works here cares deeply for the work that they're doing and for our students, and I love being a part of that."


~Kimberly Lewis

Staff and student at graduation
What I love about GLA


"The community and how everyone supports one another."


~David LeNoble

Art teacher and student
What I love about GLA


"I love the community that GLA brings."


~Ivonne Vera Vazquez

Teacher and students using computers
What I love about GLA


"I love the supportive culture amongst the staff and the outstanding leadership we have from both administrators and staff. This allows for meaningful, healthy, trusting relationships with our students. And above all, I love getting to know my students and what makes them, them."


~Taylor Alcantar-Campbell

Staff high fiving student at graduation
What I love about GLA


"The culture that we are a family and we are responsible for one another-every action collectively affects us and so we are all held to a higher standard to care for one another."


~Noelle Roni

Students from GLA
What I love about GLA


"I love supporting all students and watching them succeed, and I also love my colleagues...GLA is the BEST!"

~Veronica Wilder


"I enjoy working with the GLA team. Everyone here works in the service of students. I enjoy the families that we work with and the students are amazing!"

~Tiffany Dragoo

GLA staff photo
Class of 2024!

We want to wish all of our 2024 Graduates the best of luck in their future. We are so proud of all of you and are so excited to see who you become.

GLA first week back


We are so excited to welcome our 9th and NEW-TO-GLA 10th-12th grade students on Tuesday, August 13th for orientation day! 

All returning 10th-12th grade students will report to school on Wednesday, August 14th for their first day school!

Please review the Mapleton Calendar for more details.  

GLA Orientation


¡Estamos muy emocionados de dar la bienvenida a nuestros estudiantes de 9 y NUEVOS A GLA de 10 a 12 grado el martes 13 de agosto para el día de orientación! 

¡Todos los estudiantes que regresan de los grados 10 al 12 se presentarán a la escuela el miércoles 14 de agosto para su primer día de clases!

Revise el calendario de Mapleton para obtener más detalles.

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